ECE Advisory Board

Kevin Lau

Kevin is the Vice President of Care Frontline Experience (CFE) at T-Mobile and is responsible for leading the teams that deliver the platforms and experiences the Care channel relies on. With over a decade of building teams to solve pain points for digital and frontline channels, Kevin enjoys seeing his team’s personal growth and business benefits come to life. Kevin strongly believes that failing is just one step closer to success and taking calculated risks is necessary for a successful business. 

Kevin began his career as a Customer Service agent with AT&T Wireless Services. He knows the joys that come from taking care of customers and the pain of having to use broken tools. Serving our Care Experts today is a point of pride for Kevin, coming full circle back to where he began. 

Kevin first joined Voicestream/T-Mobile in 2002 as a Junior GPRS Radio Engineer. Over the years, he has led teams that delivered T-Mobile handsets, T-Mobile MyFaves, T-Mobile Sidekick, T-Mobile App, T-Mobile Tuesdays, and He joined the Frontline Experience team in 2018 and was a key part of the team that responded to the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling our Care Experts to work safely from home. 

Kevin holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington. He’s an avid racing enthusiast, and enjoys traveling with his wife Jenie, son Kason, and lab Rosie.